COURSE and RANGE NOW OPEN  Pearce's open Mon-Fri 11am Sat-Sun 10am.  Fish Fry Friday's all day.  Saturday enjoy our Home Style menu - Pot Roast, Turkey or Meat Loaf.    Course Tour Photos by Mike Crews Photography.

Pearce's NOW OPEN
Open Mon-Fri 11am
Sat-Sun 10am

Be sure to join us then for our Friday Fish Fry with your choice of walleye or perch  11-9 Friday's

Stop in Saturday  for our NEW Home Style menu featuring Pot Roast, Turkey and Meatloaf.  Open Saturday 10-9.

Stop in before or after your round for great appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and drinks. Call your friends to join you! 

Pearce's is where friends gather ... indoors or on the deck.

2014 New Menu