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Hole 1 Par 4

Tips for Hole 1
From the Tee: Take a deep breath, swing away and enjoy the start of your round on this shortish Par 4.
To the Green: Keep your ball below the hole and you will do fine.

Hole 2 Par 3

Tips for Hole 2
From the Tee: A tough test this early in the round, but there is room to bounce it up on the right.
To the Green: Avoid the traps to make your par.

Hole 3 Par 4

Tips for Hole 3
From the Tee: Check the wind before you decide: lay up or drive it over the creek.
To the Green: Either way, you must stay below the hole on your second shot.

Hole 4 Par 4

Tips for Hole 4
From the Tee: Loosen your grip and swing slower if you want to draw it around the corner.
To the Green: Club selection is key hitting into this very large green.

Hole 5 Par 5

Tips for Hole 5
From the Tee: Aim down the right side of the fairway on our "Signature" reachable Par 5.
To the Green: Miss it right if the pin is up front, miss it left if the pin is back.

Hole 6 Par 3

Tips for Hole 6
From the Tee: A difficult Par 3 over the water to this bowl-shaped sloping green.
To the Green: Try not to short side yourself. Uphill putts are slow.

Hole 7 Par 5

Tips for Hole 7
From the Tee: Bust a drive on this long Par 5, but keep it out of the trees on the left.
To the Green: Even if you can’t reach this green in two, it is still a birdie hole.

Hole 8 Par 4

Tips for Hole 8
From the Tee: A long, demanding Par 4 usually into the prevailing wind.
To the Green: Take enough club to get over the bunker and hope to two putt.

Hole 9 Par 4

Tips for Hole 9
From the Tee: A long Par 4 with trouble down the left hand side.
To the Green: Pat yourself on the back if you hit this green in two

Hole 10 Par 5

Tips for Hole 10
From the Tee: A precise drive is required to make this green reachable. Avoid the bunkers by the green to make this a birdie hole.
To the Green: Putts will fall on this flatish green.

Hole 11 Par 4

Tips for Hole 11
From the Tee: Thread the needle between the fairway bunker on the left and the water on the right.
To the Green: Aim for the middle of the green and you will have a legitimate birdie chance.

Hole 12 Par 3

Tips for Hole 12
From the Tee: Beautiful evergreens backdrop this deceptively difficult Par 3.
To the Green: Club selection is crucial to score on this hole. Choose wisely.

Hole 13 Par 4

Tips for Hole 13
From the Tee: Welcome to the most demanding driving hole on the course. You must hit it long and straight.
To the Green: Take an extra club on your approach shot as it plays slightly uphill.

Hole 14 Par 4

Tips for Hole 14
From the Tee: Stay right of the bunkers on this dogleg left.
To the Green: Your approach shot will stop quickly on this back to front sloped green.

Hole 15 Par 3

Tips for Hole 15
From the Tee: You must carry the bunker or you won't make par on this very shallow green.
To the Green: Subtle breaks make putting on this green an adventure.

Hole 16 Par 4

Tips for Hole 16
From the Tee: "Tee it High and let it Fly" on this short Par 4 with trouble lurking
To the Green: A short iron approach will leave you with a makeable birdie chance.

Hole 17 Par 4

Tips for Hole 17
From the Tee: Drive the green or lay up? Either way this hole is no gimme, no matter what the scorecard says.
To the Green: Keeping your approach shot on the correct level will make putting much simpler.

Hole 18 Par 5

Tips for Hole 18
From the Tee: Hit your drive as far down the hill as possible to set up your second shot over the creek.
To the Green: Drop a wedge on the pin, tap in for four and head to the "19th Hole" for a cold one.